Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Interested in learning more about the product and machinery we use? Check out this video for more information on the equipment, method and cleaning solution we use becasue it's the best in the industry.


Choosing SK means you can relax knowing you will get the best results without any hassle.

Here at SK Cleaning and Rental Services, we use top of the line equipment to assure you get the best results possible. One call to SK Cleaning means you can rest easy knowing we've got you covered.

Give us a call today if you're ready to bring your existing carpet back to life.

Pictured here, you can see one of our expert technicians going to work on a piece of outdoor furniture that's seen better days. This hot water extraction process is the best way to remove dirt, grease and grime that can build up over time and use.

This in progress shot, shows the difference is already easily seen. The cushion on the left is untreated and in the condition it was in when we arrived on the job. The cusion on the right has been treated by our professional technician. What a difference!

The finished product is looking brand new again. Another satisfied customer that saved a ton of money by not having to replace all those cushions. Don't Replace-Revive with SK Cleaning and Rental Services.

Extend the life of your furniture, give us a call today!

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